2018-2020 | E-learning platform | (SCOOPS) Afrique-learning

Afrique-learning creates and manages bespoke e-learning courses of public interest for the region of West Africa.

The project

The members of the team at the heart of Afrique-learning share a vision for development through training in West Africa. They are passionate about creating courses that are technically correct, interesting, appropriate for their audiences, and based on sound pedagogy. The Benin based startup reinvests all profits in the collective interest.

Afrique-learning responsive website
Afrique-learning responsive website

Afrique-learning courses are created by the team and programmed into the Moodle course management system by young graduates from Benin with the help of local and international experts. Over 60 courses have already been produced and the amount of content will keep on growing.

What we did

AKM Services helped bring the vision of the Afrique-learning team to life by efficient use of resources to match their budget and maximise their impact.

  • Created a multilingual responsive company website
  • Built a CMS to enable the Afrique-learning team to maintain the website
  • Support for Afrique-learning's e-learning site using the Moodle platform
  • Ongoing hosting of the website and e-learning platform


AKM Services are hosting our Moodle e-learning platform and manage our E-mail provider. They are taking very good care of our platform's administrative issues and updates and are always available for little day-to-day difficulties! We are extremely pleased by the combination of high quality technical work and friendly, personal, always-there support.