Loss reducer

2014 | Loss simulation app | University of Greenwich

Explore and visualise the complexities of decision making for postharvest loss reduction.

The project

Deciding where to invest to reduce postharvest loss is a complex process.

Loss reducer simulation app
Loss reducer simulation.

Losses can occur at any point in the value chain and the question is which intervention has the biggest impact and return of investment. The Loss reducer app lets you explore various scenarios and simulates what the effect of different types of investments could be.

The goal of the application is not to make decisions, but to help users get a better understanding of the losses along the postharvest value chain; to test their decisions and assumptions; and to get a better idea of the potential impact of interventions.

Another similar app is Granary selector, a training application that explains to users some of the important factors for selecting an appropriate small grain store and how grain postharvest losses can be reduced by adopting a better storage solution.

Read a detailed example of using the Loss reducer app ›

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